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Meet the Baby Dragons

Welcome to a world of fantasy, myth & legend!

Brand new for 2021!

Meet our amazing, astonishing, and astounding Dragons!

The Ice Dragon, The Fire Dragon, The Forest Dragon, The Stone Dragon and the Golden Dragon are excited to meet you and bring some mythical magic to an event near you soon! 

We can provide Dragon themed events in a variety of formats including

Dragon Training Academy

20 - 30 minute sessions packed to the brim with dragon games and facts

Dining Events

Sit down and enjoy dinner with a dragon! Scenes occur between courses and the guests meet and greet whilst they eat!

Mix & Mingle and Meet & Greets

Don't want anything too fancy? Our Dragons are available to wander your events and entertain at will.

Bespoke Events

You can mix and match, make something up, create your own format... we can cater to any venue, audience size or budget. The only limit is your imagination!

Dragon Quest Poster.jpg

Dragon Quest

Join the Adventure

There's trouble afoot! Some nefarious evil-doer is planning to sneak into the Dragon Camp and snaffle the legendary Golden Egg!

Can you help the dragons and their trainers uncover who it is before it's too late? 

This highly adaptable interactive family event is part treasure hunt, part meet and greet and all great fun! Each character holds a clue to the culprit behind the planned Egg Heist. Help the dragon's with their tasks and they'll give you a clue to uncover the truth, catch the culprit and complete your quest! 

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