Wizard Adventure!

Time to sign up for your first day of Wizard Academy and learn all about exciting enchantments, sensational spells and even meet a baby dragon! 

It’s time to sign up to our spellbinding school of sorcery as you take a wacky and wonderful whistle-stop tour of the Wizard Academy and learn to become a master of mystery and magic.

During this magical interactive experience, you’ll take lessons in the basics of broomsticks, practice your potion making, be instructed in incantations and learn to tattle and talk with a tawny owl.


A perfect adventure for students age 5 – 12 but anyone is welcome to enrol. Come and become a wonderful wizard and learn all they need to know to carry out a secret mission of the utmost importance and graduate with prestigious honours of hocus pocusry.

We can provide Wizard Academy themed events in a variety of formats :

Wizard Adventure Days

Two Hour story-based adventure suitable for any venue including trains!

Wizard Birthday Parties

We offer various packages that include. Party Games, Meet and Greets and magic!

Dining Events

Sit down and enjoy sorcery and snacks! Scenes occur between courses and the guests meet and greet whilst they eat!

Mix & Mingle and Meet & Greets

Don't want anything too fancy? Our Wizards are available to wander your events and entertain at will.

Bespoke Events

You can mix and match, make something up, create your own format... we can cater to any venue, audience size or time scale. The only limit is your imagination!





We've had a new arrival at the Wizard Academy.

Our baby dragon has been an instant hit with budding wizards young and old.

If you thought dragons were scary then you'd better think again. He'll capture your heart and your imagination as he makes a visit to the wizard academy to enthral and entertain the students.

Our baby dragon is a constant fixture at all Wizard Adventure events at no extra cost. 

The Wizard Academy has appeared all over the country from trains to libraries and parks to stately homes.

Take a look at the pictures below to find out where they've materialised! 

East Lancashire Railway
Avon Valley Railway
Greenfield Valley Museum
Lancaster Castle
Rochdale Town Hall
Comlongon Castle
Leighton Hall
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Arndale Centre
Manchester City Library

The Wizard Academy and Express Experiences are in no way connected with J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing or Warner Bros. It is not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties. Rights to characters and their images is neither claimed nor implied. This is an event about witches and wizards, not a Harry Potter event. ​

Although if Harry ever wanted to come along I'm sure we could teach him a thing or two!

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