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Over the years we have come to realise one very important fact... 


That's why we've become experts at creating amazing entertainment for the exceptional heritage railways around the country. We understand that each line is unique, with its own fabulous features, individual engines and stunning station stops. We work hard alongside the teams at these venues to create events that complement each railway perfectly.

Heritage Railways aren't just a venue where our events take place, they are a character within the events themselves and our events are just the ticket to attract new audiences aboard, to fall in love with the railways just like we have.

You can find details below of all the heritage railways we've worked with and the events we have presented. For further details on our Murder Mystery Events click the link here to visit our dedicated murder mystery company :

After Dark Murder Mystery Events.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic all of our railway venues are following Government advice and are closed for the foreseeable future. Unlike many of our venues, heritage railways rely 100% on revenue from passenger services and special events like ours to survive and some aren't covered by Government grant schemes.  They are charity organisations that have only reached the level of restoration they have today due to the dedication of many wonderful volunteers who operate the lines.

With no revenue coming in for the railways, some of them don't know if they will survive the lockdown. This is why we have adapted our website so we can focus on helping them to keep going once the crisis is over.

We implore you to click the individual links for each railway and find out how you can help in their fundraising appeals to keep these wonderful venues around for generations to come. 

Hit the links to be taken directly to information about each railway or scroll down the page to find out more.



We have a very special affinity to East Lancashire Railway as we've worked alongside them for over 10 years and provide over 30 events a year. Over that time we've provided Murder Mystery Events, Adventure days, Halloween Experiences, Theatrical productions, Elves and the Allo Allo Characters to the line and we hope to continue for years to come.

Make the trip from grandparent to grandchild on a journey that spans generations on this heritage railway.

With a storied history stretching back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the East Lancashire Railway is the steam powered heart of the Irwell Valley, pumping goods and people around the region for nearly 200 years!

The line runs for 12 miles through scenic Lancastrian landscapes, from beautiful rural panoramas and postcard pretty villages to bustling Victorian towns and cotton mill dotted horizons. Each station offers something unique, from historical Heywood to relaxing Rawtenstall, scenic Summerseat and bustling Bury.

East Lancashire Railway are currently looking to raise £200,000 in order to remain open after the lockdown is over. Find out more and donate by clicking the link below.



We've been working with our friends in the South for 7 years now providing Murder Mystery Events and Adventure Days and perform approx 8 events a year (and cannot recommend the cake in the station cafe highly enough!) We've seen the station go from strength to strength and have loved being along for the ride! 

Opened in 1869 by the Midland Railway as a through-route between Birmingham and the South Coast the line was later linked to the iconic Somerset & Dorset Railway. Closed under the Beeching Axe of the 1960's the Avon Valley Railway was preserved by an enthusiastic group of volunteers. Today, 40 years on, three miles of track has been re-laid, locomotives and carriages restored, and the sound of steam can once again be heard along the Avon Valley.

Avon Valley Railway don't have a set target to reach, but are looking for any support that the public can offer in order to assist them in keeping the wheels turning during this difficult time.



We love making new friends at heritage railways and we began working with KWVR in 2019 offering Adventure Days and Murder Mystery events. We're back again in 2020 and hopefully this will blossom into a beautiful relationship for many years to come.

The KWVR is a heritage railway which was reopened in 1968 and runs from Keighley to Oxenhope through beautiful Brontë country. Board our steam train and enjoy the sound of the engine climbing the steep sides of the valley, while great clouds of steam and smoke add drama to the scene. The five mile journey is a powerful reminder of our industrial heritage, as well as being a unique way of enjoying the beautiful countryside immortalised by Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.

The Railway is perhaps most famous for its role in the 1970 film version of Edith Nesbit's story The Railway Children but
over the years, the Railway has appeared in many TV and film productions. You can visit Rail Story at Ingrow and see the engines and carriages used in these films.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway are currently looking to raise £200,000 in order to continue their operations. Find out more and donate by clicking the link below.



2019 was a great year for meeting new railway enthusiasts and we were also lucky enough to begin working alongside The Dean Forest Railway presenting Murder Mystery Events. We're back again in 2020 to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary and look forward to being with them for their next half a century! 

Our 4 1/2-mile line runs through beautiful woodland and countryside, offering you a chance to experience the relaxing pace of a typical country branch line. With our five stations along the way, you have time to explore the local area, taking in woodland walks and country pubs or venturing down to the Severn estuary to explore Lydney Harbour with its fantastic views across the Severn.

Our volunteers work hard to ensure you have a great day out. Come join us on a Dean Forest train ride!

The Dean Forest Railway Society is currently hoping to raise £50,000 as part of their emergency fund to cover their fixed costs and to help them through their 50th anniversary year,



A brand new heritage railway for us for 2020.

We're looking forward to working with the team at Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway to bring our own special brand of enter-train-ment to the line! We'll be beginning with a Murder Mystery or two and see what the future holds!

Take a Ride behind one of our vintage steam locomotives for a special journey back in time.

Breathe in the evocative smells of a real steam railway, while your eyes and ears thrill to the puffing and hissing of the steam engine. Settle back in beautifully restored Victorian and Edwardian carriages and enjoy a unique view of some of Yorkshire’s finest countryside … or hop off at Holywell Halt and just watch the trains go by!

Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway are currently looking to raise £10,000 in order to continue their operations. Find out more and donate by clicking the link below.


Another fantastic new venue for 2021!

We'll be bringing some Jurassic larks to the line in 2021 and hopefully, that will be the start of a beautiful friendship with lots more fun to come in the future!


Re-live the glorious days of steam at Stephenson Steam Railway in North Shields. George and Robert Stephenson spent 20 years in North Tyneside developing their pioneering ideas which helped spread railways and locomotives around the world. Today the museum celebrates their achievement. A range of fascinating locomotives are on display including George Stephenson's 'Billy', a forerunner of the world-famous Rocket and the third oldest surviving steam locomotive in the world.

Stephenson Steam Railway doesn't have a set target to reach, but is looking for any support that the public can offer in order to assist it in keeping the wheels turning during this difficult time.


Great things come in small packages and the station at Kirby Stephen East is no exception. Lovingly and expertly restored by the Stainmore Railway Company, every visit brings a new improvement and restoration to the site.

We began working with the team in 2013 and since that time have presented Murder Mystery Events and Adventure Days on this small but perfectly formed line.


Imagine a place where time had stopped and you could experience a steam railway experience from the past? Well, you’re thinking about Kirkby Stephen East!

Savour the atmosphere of a country station as it would have been in the 1950s. You’re sure to learn lots on your visit and have an enjoyable time.

We are home to a number of historic Victorian and other vintage locomotives, carriages and wagons which are well worth a look. You can explore our station, which was built in 1861 and served the community here for 100 years, visit the glamorous 1930s buffet car (when trains are running) and wander around our small museum.

Stainmore Railway doesn't have a set target to reach but are looking for any support that the public can offer in order to assist them in keeping the wheels turning during this difficult time.

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