Whether it's Halloween season or you're just feeling spooky, we've got all kinds of characters and events that are an absolute scream!

From creepy characters to full-length eerie events or spine-chilling shows we've got you covered this Halloween!

We've brought our terrifying talents to trains, castles, abandoned prisons, stately homes and even used our flair for the fiendish to win awards in Hollywood! 

Take a glimpse (if you dare) at some of the projects we've worked on below, and contact us if you want help bringing your very own creation to life (or death) with us. We're deft at being devilish and clever at being creepy and can make sure your event will go with a bang (and a bump in the night)!

  East Lancashire Railway  
  Monster Scare Train  
Halloween Trains
at East Lancashire Railway

15 performers went off the rails at Halloween at the East Lancashire Railway, entertaining over 3000 guests over the three-night Halloween event both on board the train and at the station stops.

To keep the scares fresh and the guests coming back for more, each years event was themed around a different spooky story. The Ghost Train, The Creepy Carnival Express and the Nightmare Engine were just some of the journey's the guests have to brave, meeting ghouls, wolves, dolls, clowns, witches, ghosts and many more spooky characters along the way.

Haunted Quests
at Samlesbury Hall

Can you help the spooks of Samlesbury Hall escape an evil Hallowe'en Curse?

This Family Hallowe'en event involved 8 actors and invited the guests to explore the hall, meet the spooks, listen to their tales of terror and solve a perplexing puzzle along the way in order to crack an ancient coded curse.

Ghosts and Pirates made an appearance over the two popular events that took place and the hall was filled with both screams of laughter and screams of terror as the adventurers searched every nook and cranny to complete their mission.

Witch Festival
at Lancaster Castle

To commemorate the anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials we were tasked with creating interactive experiences at Lancaster Castle to tell the story of the trials in an entertaining and educational fashion.

Over three years we have created three separate 25 minute interactive tours of the castle involving torturers, religious zealots, witch-finders and the accused.

We have also been lucky enough to access the dungeons where we presented 'Demdike's Dungeon' a terrifying tale of the fate of one of the 'witches' in the darkness below the castle.

Nightmare on A Wing
at Lancaster Prison

When Lancaster Prison shut down, St John's Hospice were given the opportunity to hold a unique fundraising event where a limited amount of brave guests could spend the night in the cells and we were tasked with the job of creating a fully immersive and terrifying experience where the lunatics took over the asylum!

Could the guests survive the night when the scariest and most dangerous inmates had escaped? 

With actors included in the audience there was no telling who would live and who would fall foul to the monsters who lurked in the corridors and cells of the building.

How to Survive a
Zombie Apocalypse

The award-winning spoof seminar was performed for three sell out years at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured the UK for 2 years and won a raft of awards including Best Comedy Show at Buxton Fringe and Best International Show at The Hollywood Fringe. Since the script was made available for licencing, the show has been performed somewhere in the world, every year since 2009. The show also spawned a best selling book and a top ten podcast series and you can find out more about the production at the dedicated website : HERE 

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