Shakespeare at Lancaster Castle 


Between 2000 - 2016 Demi-Paradise productions were the resident professional theatre company at Lancaster Castle and during that time they staged 10 hugely successful productions of Shakespeare's works with their rolling ensemble of northern based actors and creatives. When the company moved their base in 2016 and were no longer able to produce work at the castle it looked like the tradition they had created of 'Shakespeare at Lancaster Castle' would say goodbye with them. That's where Attic Door Productions came in, a company title underneath the Funcast Ltd. banner! Having worked with the castle before presenting family promenade productions and other interactive site specific entertainment it seemed that we would be the perfect fit to keep the Bard alive in the courts and corridors of this historic building. Working closely with the team at the castle and keeping the ethos alive of working with a locally based ensemble we bring our own brand of exciting, enthralling and entertaining productions to the venue and hope to keep Shakespeare at Lancaster Castle alive for many more years to come.

 Past Productions 

Romeo & Juliet | 2019

"An intense, explosive performance where comic moments intensify the tragic loss of a younger generation."

Lancaster Guardian

The Taming of the Shrew | 2018

“A provocative, engaging production which intelligently addressed historical and current issues of gender.”

Lancaster Guardian

The Two Gentlemen of Verona | 2017

"Congratulations are due to Attic Door Productions for their lively, innovative performance.An hilarious comedy... sparkling show... vivacious performance!"

Lancaster Guardian

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