Ancient Adventure

Join us for some Historical Hijinks in this time-travelling adventure where it's up to you to get your friends back to the past!  


There's been a time-travelling catastrophe!

Instead of transporting our adventures back in time it's brought history right up to date and our ancient ancestors are trapped in the present and need your help to get back to the past!

Discover the secrets of mummification from a Pharaoh, the mysteries of Greek Myths from a God, the Might of the Romans from an Emporer and how to Battle like an Ancient Briton from Boudica herself. You'll need to power up your knowledge in order to give the time machine enough power to get our heroes back home before their time runs out! 

A perfect adventure for ages 8 and upwards and it's also tied into the curriculum so you can learn whilst having fun! 

The Ancient Adventure premieres at

East Lancashire Railway

Thursday 20th August 2020

10.00am | 12.40pm  |  3.25pm

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